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Google Chrome is a well known web browser launched by Google Inc. It was just the matter of time when Google was about to join the web browsing race to compete with Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer. It seems like Google has been observing browsers’ race for a long time before they decided to launch their own product that would top all the others.

Google Chrome was publicly released on December 11th, 2008. It stands for one of the most popular web browsers nowadays. Net Application's surveys indicated that Google Chrome's user base is the third largest, behind Mozilla and Internet Explorer, however official statistics talk in Chrome's advantage.
Google Chrome alone covers 44.9% of entire user base.

Google Chrome has robust web browsing features to stand behind its popularity. It is reliable and fast browser. They aimed to make Chrome the safest, the fastest and the most stable web browser out there; however top security was somewhat harder to reach. Regarding the speed of performance Google Chrome is just above Mozilla Firefox with small, but significant difference.

Chrome's security is stable, but it's not a light year ahead from the other browsers. Google modeled Chrome's security preferences by setting up two updated blacklists: one for the phishing scams and the other one for the malware
Security is arranged by the principle of least privilege's this means that process in each tab is stripped of administrative rights; it can compute but cannot undertake any potentially harmful activities on its own, such as writing, downloading or reading files. Such security setup has already been seen by Internet Explorer's developers and Firefox uses relatively the same principle, thus Chrome didn't come up with anything revolutionary. Security still remains solid, but don't consider yourself too secure – internet non-savvy users are the easiest preys for hackers and intruders. Last year, Chrome 10 was reported to block only 13% of malicious website, which made it extremely vulnerable to malware. This was fixed up with later updates and downloading scanning protection in Chrome 17 version.

As Google rules search engine market, Chrome is certain to have a giant to blow wind in its sails. While other browsers use HTTP protocol to communicate with the websites, Chrome uses faster SPDY protocol to communicate with Google SSL-enabled servers (Google Search, Gmail, Chrome sync, Google's ads). SPDY protocol utility significantly improves Google Chrome's speed comparing to other web browsers.

Chrome's stability is achieved via multi-process architecture. Each process runs a single plug-in and website instance allowing higher stability and security. User has ability to terminate each process via in-built task manager

Personal experience related to Chrome use would place this web browser some place above average. While performance is slight and fast, Chrome's stability is not what Google yells it about. Keep the number of your processes running reasonable, otherwise you will encounter often crushes. However, taken all the features, pros and cons in account – Google Chrome still remains the best browser we can lay our hands on.

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OS Support Windows 7 / 8 / Vista / XP / 2000
Version 31
License Freeware
Download size 716.12K
Last Update 14 Apr 2014

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